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Hi all!

I have a matrix with 2 informations in it.
Is it possible to create an action that directs the user on the specific cross information they chose?

For example, Status 1, and category 3, and then the action will show them the detail of the status 1 and category 3?


Hi @marion.bouilly
yes, you can. Check out this dashboard:

if you click in the heatmap, one any tile, a new context menu shows up that allows you to “navigate” to another sheet with details for the selected cell.

You can look at the analysis to see how this is done.

Or you can check out this workshop for step-by-step guide:

Hope it helps. I am marking this as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!


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Hi @gillepa
For the heatmap, I knew it, but I am talking about the pivot table viz.

Is that possible to do the same thing than for the heatmap in terms of action?


Hello @marion.bouilly and @gillepa !

@marion.bouilly were you able to find a solution or was @gillepa 's suggestion helpful? If so could you share the solution you came up with or mark their comment as the solution?

To clarify do you want to click the value at the Intersection of your Value field and GroupBy? If so you may still be able to use that as a navigation action but I’m not 100% sure on how it will interact with your target visual.

Hello @marion.bouilly and @gillepa !

It has been some time since there has been activity on this topic but we would still like to help find a solution.

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Hi @duncan
Sorry, with Christmas and the end of the year, its been quite few days to go thru.

The idea will be when the user clicks on a cell in a pivot table, it brings him to another sheet in the dashboard, filtered on the information they clicked in the PT (if the intersection in the PT is A and 7 then the filters applied will be A and 7 in the other sheet of the dashboard)

I don’t know if that’s clear!

Hello @marion.bouilly !

I think I was able to come close to this by creating a navigation action that was attached to multiple parameters that were related to fields in my pivot table. (The data below is from a dummy data set that you can find in the authorship workshop that @gillepa posted above.)

So first I created a navigation action with the parameters that I wanted my second sheet to be filtered by:

Then when I click on my column for Sales where the Product is DataSmashers and the Customer is AT&T:

I am navigated to a table on my second sheet that breaks down just DataSmashers sales for AT&T:

One note with this, I am unsure if there is a limitation to the amount of parameters that you can attach to a navigation action. Let me know if this helps!

Thank you @duncan
It is working!

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@marion.bouilly No problem!