New column added is not appearing in the joined dataset level

I have a column which is in a dataset. This dataset is part of a larger, joined dataset in quicksight. Although the column appears in the dataset, it does not appear at the higher level in the joined dataset. I have refreshed both the dataset and the joined dataset but to no avail. I have also checked the ‘excluded fields’ section on both the dataset and the joined dataset.

Could this be a bug in quicksight?

The field that is missing is the field called ‘issuer_connected’.

Did you publish both datasets?

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Hi @o.nousseir : When you are preparing the data set by joining data set, are you able to see the column in the left hand panel. if yes, then as suggested by @Max please publish the dataset. Also please share the screenshot for better understanding of the issue ( ensure the screenshot should not contain any PII or PCI information).

Regards - San

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Yes, I have published both datasets.

This is the joined_dataset

@o.nousseir : Thanks, can you please check the Dataset tab to see all columns.

Regards - San

Hi, yes I have checked the tabs for the columns but it’s not in there. I even searched for it in the search bar but it doesn’t appear.

Hi @o.nousseir - I can see all your fields are in exclusion list.


Add all these fields to inclusion list.

Regards - San

Yes but it’s not in there anyways.

@o.nousseir - Ok, a detail level of analysis is require to understand what is happening. Can you please raise a ticket to AWS team ( link to raise a ticket - Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support).
if you do not have access to raise a request, please request your admin to raise it. AWS team will see your details on the screenshare and help you out.

Regards - San