No access to the data source

I modified one sql code in my my custom sql. But it said no access to the data source. But I created the data source myself. how is this possible?

Hi @ztao39 - From the screenshot, the table name is account_events but in the custom sql you are doing the select statement from a different table. Can you please verify the table details. Also put the database name is the query like select * from public.<<table_name>>

Regards -Sanjeeb

Hi @ztao39 , You can try deleting and recreating the dataset.


do you know why this happens?

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happened to me once , not sure why but when i deleted and created it worked fine.

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Agree, delete and create a new one.

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Hi @Francesco1 - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for helping to the community :slight_smile:

Hi, this happens to me a lot recently too. However, deleting and recreating the dataset is not an option because too many datasets depend on it. I’m still looking for a solution…

Hi @DuckDuck - I agreed with you. Deleting and recreating is not an efficient solution. Can you please raise a ticket to AWS Customer support team and provide the details for the investigation. To raise a ticket, please follow the link - Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support

Regards - Sanjeeb