No Data on dashboard

Hi, I am using quicksight for the Cloud intelligence Dashboard solution. My Dataset and Datasource look fine but my dashboard has No data message on almost all the charts.

Please help

Please check your filters and make sure there are no errors / wrong logic.

Thanks for your prompt response Max. No filter was set up on the data board/ wrong logic. We noticed the problem after a failed Athena query on the dataset that was successful after the next scheduled run.

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Good catch. Is your problem solved?

No, unfortunately it still persists. updating the dashboard, fixed it temporarily, but it reverted back to No data message after a few minute

Hi @aminatomo - Before going to dashboard, can you please check whether you analysis is showing data? If your analysis is not showing data, please check whether your data is having data , possibly you can open the data set and see the edit and preview option to see sample data.

Regards - San

Thanks San,

It was showing data. I have updated the dashboards again and that has fixed the issue. and the dashboard is again stable.


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Thanks @aminatomo . Can you please mark the suggestion as solution so that it will help others.

Regards - San