Not share the latest data with end users

I would like to not share the latest data (from my datasets) to my end users but I will have access to them (as a super user), thus i would process them.
Is there a feature to do something like that? Can i do something like that from QuickSight?

How do you determine “latest data”? Is it based on certain rows?

You could leverage Row Level Security feature - Using row-level security (RLS) with user-based rules to restrict access to a dataset - Amazon QuickSight

Thank you for your response
Latest data i mean latest data according to the row creation date.
I want to process and see the data before my end users see them.
For example let’s say i am loading data to my dataset X every week.
Can i create a row level security for my end users to not see the latest data until i will be satisfied and then in some way i will give the permission for them to see the data. (Can i do the last part again with row level security?)

Interested in this question or a variation of it. Need Finance/Acccounting users able to see data as it updates during a close process and end users able to see only after the books are closed. Close date is variable.