Number of Views in the First 12 Months

I’m trying to get a formula for the number of views in the first 12 months for a set of companys with different created at dates. I’ve tried the following formula but am getting Syntax errors.

dateDiff(truncDate(‘MM’,company_created_at), truncDate(‘MM’,view_created_at),‘MM’) + 1

Hi @DataDude1

I dont see any issue with the above expression , hoping both company & view created at are date fields?

Could you please upload the sample data and create the analysis in Arena and share it here , this will help us to understand and help you better .

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Hi @DataDude1,
It’s been awhile since we last heard from you; are you still in need of further assistance or were you able to find a work around for your initial topic?
If you’re still looking for further assistance, please follow the prompt above to upload your information to Arena so that we can assist further.

Thank you!

Hi @DataDude1,
Following up on what Vlnod said, one suggestion would be to double check that both fields are datetime stamps.
Also, if those fields are dates, confirm what the format of the dates are. You may not need truncDate if they’re already setup as months.

But, as we have not heard back, I’ll go ahead and mark this as solved to close out. However, if you have any additional questions, feel free to create a new topic in the community and link this discussion for relevant information.

Thank you!