On-sheet controls by default

Hey everyone,

I am interested in providing the ability for a dashboard viewer to change the field aggregate being used for a graph (eg: change from average to max). I thought enabling the expand on-sheet controls by default might provide this but I don’t see a difference in the dashboard with this turned on. What does this option do? Secondly, does anyone have a suggestion to change the field aggregate without creating a customer one?

Hi @Paul_Vandenberk
to your second question. You could create a parameter and two different visuals (one for Max and one for Avg) and show/hide depending on the parameter.

Hello @Paul_Vandenberk, did the response from @ErikG help guide you towards your expected output? I’ll mark his response as the solution, but let us know if you have any further questions. Also, in regards to your first question, if you don’t have any controls pinned to your sheet that handle filtering, checking that box will not make any updates to the published dashboard.