Filter summary on PDF export with on sheet controls

If the filter controls are on top, and we export the dashboard to a PDF, we get a nice summary of the filter values at the bottom of the PDF. If the filters are on the sheet, we do not get this summary.

Is there a way to enable the filter summary on the exported PDF when the filters are on the sheet?

Hi @MikeB

If you are using a control on the sheet, when exported as a PDF, this control will be printed as it is displayed in the dashboard, showing the selected control value. Controls that are pinned to top will be printed at the bottom of the PDF. Unfortunately, there is no current support for on sheet controls to be printed in summary at the bottom of the PDF. I will mark this post as a feature request so the team for the product team to review.

@Olivia Thank you.
It would be nice to be able to use this option with on sheet controls as the controls appear to list the values based the control’s width (option 1, option 2, opt…) but the filter summary at the bottom will display a little more information like (option 1, option 2 and 5 more…)

While researching this, I noticed some related behavior that might be helpful when looking at a feature request.

When displaying the filter values at the bottom of the PDF (option 1, option 2 and 5 more…) It would be helpful if it would use more of the width of the PDF before adding the “and # more…” In my tests, it appears to only be using about 40% of the exported PDF’s width. If it used the full width, it might be able to display all the values in some cases

When exporting from a stand-alone dashboard, untouched multi-value filters show “All”, but when exporting from an embedded dashboard they show “NULL”

We did have a date/time stamp in the bottom left corner of the PDF and a “Powered by QuickSight” in the bottom center of the PDF. When testing with the controls to the top to see the filters on the bottom, these two items were no longer there.