Download to PDF Doesn't Retain Filtered Values in PDF

We have a QS dashboard embedded into our application. We have added the Print option to our dashboard. When we print the control filter values are retained. However, when we Download to PDF the reports downloads to PDF with the default control values. It is the exact same issue that is outlined in Download in PDF doesn't get the filtered values · Issue #89 · awslabs/amazon-quicksight-embedding-sdk · GitHub, but I cannot tell if there was a resolution. Has anyone else experience this problem?

I am not using Parameters for my Controls. I am using adding Filters to the sheet and then pinning to the top.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you for your question. In short, the current functionality of Download to PDF uses the published state of the Dashboard to generate the PDF. Any filters, controls or interactions that are subsequently applied are not used when the PDF file is generated.
We understand your expected behavior and will be working towards enabling this feature.

@Rahul_Easwar Thank you for the response. It seems to work in your example on the developer portal, but I am guessing that is because you are using Parameters. So in an embedded Dashboard I essentially have no way to share the current state of the dashboard other than Print. Is that correct?

I guess I can Print and have it Print to PDF, but then I cannot see the value of the filters. I put in another question about having a Narrative or some method of showing the values of the filters on the Dashboard. That way they can see what the context of the Dashboards.

For your particular use case i.e. set filters and then share the Dashboard as a PDF, Print would be the current best option.
In regards to your question about showing filter values, try placing the filter on the Sheet vs. pinning to the top to make it visible when Printing.

@Rahul_Easwar thank you. I will check that out. Looks like it will work.

I think this issue has been resolved.

Hi we had the same problem in our system. We fixed it by adding parameters to the filters

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