Applied Filters disappears when downloaded as PDF

I have applied filters using controls on my dashboard. However, when I download the dashboard in PDF, applied filters go away.

The PDF generated uses the state of the Dashboard that was published by the Author. As such, the filters applied using controls is not reflected when you download the PDF. We are working on a feature that will preserve the ad hoc filters applied while generating the PDF.

Are you referring to the Export->Download as PDF option? I am able to export two different PDFs using the Region filter on this dashboard…

Exec_Dashboard_1648511648021.pdf (243.3 KB)
Exec_Dashboard_1648511757703.pdf (246.9 KB)

we have embedded the dashboard in our portal and using print icon to save as pdf. It’s not a direct download as PDF option as given on the dashboards.

Hmm it should still work when embedded…? See this GIF using the QuickSight Dev Portal where I filter to one state and both the PDF and Print include the filter.

I wonder if it’s specific to Parameters and not normal Filters? Maybe you could try adding parameters and driving your filters using the parameters? The parameter control UIs will look identical to filter controls (for basic filters at least, aside from Relative Date Filter). Apologies I havent been able to test this yet.

QS Dev Portal - PDFs

Thanks, @Jesse. The issue is resolved. Much appreciated.

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