Parameter control

Hi Community , I’ve created a parameter and a calculated field before using it in the analysis.
I’m not able to change the field dynamically according to the parameter i’ve created
I want yearly time period to be visible when i click yearly ttm and same for the other 2 as well
Can anybody help?

Hi @Vysh27

i’m not sure if it makes a difference but you created the parameter on the dataset?

Where do you want to show “Timeperiod1”?


Hi @ErikG
I’ve linked the timeperiod1 field to the timeperiod parameter hoping it would dynamically change according to the interval parameter

Parameter = “Interval1” used in parameter control “Interval”
calculated field = “Timeperiod1”. Where do you want to use the field? In another control?

Yes @ErikG
Attaching the image

Ok. Now i got is. But i guess you cant link the parameter/control that way.
If you use the “timeperiod1” in a visual the update should work.

Do you use “Timeperiod1” as a filter?
Maybe you can use different “Time Period” controls and show based on the “Interval”.

Yes, when I add it to the visual and give filters it changes dynamically
But I also want it to be shown as a parameter control so the end user can pick out one certain time period

Hi @Vysh27
did you found a solution?
As i said i would try to use different controls for the “time period”

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Hi @ErikG , Yes I’ve used different controls for different time periods

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