How to use a calculated field in a control?

We need urgently to create a parameter with a control that links to a calculated field.
We see this is only possible to link to an already existing dataset field. But what if we have to create calculated field directly in QuickSight ? Can’t we used them as a control ? What’s the trick then ?

@Elope If what you want is to create a calculated field and use a control to filter based on the calculated field, then you are able to do that in your analysis. In Analysis use the +ADD → Calculated Field to create your new field. In Filters, create your filter and in the … menu click the Add to Sheet option which will present the control configurations associated with the calculated field.

The above describes how to connect a calculated field to a filter, not a control.

This is the best answer I have found:

For some reason, creating a calculated field through the data source rather than within the analysis allows it to be connected to a parameter later on. To use a calculated field with a control and parameter, created the field through the data source page and proceed as usual.