Parameters & Filters


I have created a parameter called utility. I have created a visual and added a filter on top of it then made it to use the parameter which I have created above!

Now, I have clicked “Add control” on the parameter to add the filter to the sheet. I have linked it to a field in a dataset! I am able to see the list of utilities but it is a single select - is there a way where we can do a multi-select on this list??

I have tried this -
Clicked on the Format control → control options

But I have only 3 options List, Dropdown and Text field

How can i do multi-select here??? (Without using a parameter, we can get “List-multi-select” “Dropdown-multi-select” options here but when i am using a parameter I am unable to get that option) is there any alternative?

Any suggestion helps! Thank you!


hi @shravya

when you created a parameter, you had selection for single value or multiple. I am guessing you selected single value…?

kind regards,


yeah you are correct! Thank you so much! @Wakana

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