Particular day's data

Hi all,
I have a real time distance vs timestamp line chart and table in quicksight. How can I filter the data in such a way that the line chart shows only 24 hours data of a particular day I want? Also I should be able to pick a date from a calendar in dashboard so that i can get the data of that day alone. Is this possible?

Hi @Nada

what if creating a date filter, to select only one day,


and set the granularity of the line chart to hours?



Hi @ErikG , but in my case it is timestamp, not date. so basically I should be able to select the date from the dashboard. How can it be done?


What if you create a calculated field for the date and filter that new field.

Hi Nada,
Your dataset includes a date column correct? can you create a filter on that column and add it to the dashboard so users can select a particular date?
Can you share a sample view of your dataset so we can see the columns and values?

thank you.

Hi @Asem ,
I am looking for something like a calendar for picking date, since I have to measure the distance every hour. Basically I need the dashboard in such a way that it should show the line chart of last 24 hours by default, and when we select the date from the calendar, it should show the 24 hours data of the particular day. My dataset looks somewhat like this. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nada
you could use a “relative dates” filter with a date parameter.

And set the axis of the visual to hours