Password probleme

hello community hope u re doing well
when i try to loggin to quicksight for the first time it tells me that my password is incorrect even if it s the good one and i tried to change it but i didn t receive the email if some one can help me please handling this problem

Hi abyousra,

Welcome to the QuickSight community.

Hope you are resetting password as explained in this [Resetting user passwords] community Q&A thread.

Did you got this message while resetting password?

You should be getting an email from “” like in sceenshot below. Can you please check spam folder and ensure it is not blocked.

Hi anwarAli,
Thank you for your answer.
For the first screenshot, i got the message, but never receive the email, i have checked spam folder also.

Hello @abyousra, were you able to reset your email or are you still having issues with this? It might be worth checking with your administrator to see if the email it is being sent to is correct.

Also, on your account, are you creating users directly through QuickSight, or are the user accounts being created through IAM?

Hello @DylanM
Thanks for the answer, my problem is solved;

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