Pick the data that is included in a line graph

I have a dataset with around 100 elements. I’m using these elements as the color field in a line graph which has cost as the value. The line graph seems to be picking an arbitrary 25 of them to display. I’m trying to find a way to show the top 25. I’ve tried filtering by cost >$1k however this puts holes in the lines that dip below $1k at some point.

Can you say top 25 sum? You would add a top and bottom filter to the color field

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I want to do a top 25 sum based on the value field (in your case bearable). My color value is just a label string so taking the top 25 would be just as arbitrary.

There is no option to do a top and bottom filter based on my value filter
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 9.20.05 am

You want to take the top 25 colors based off of your value right?

The way I did it will give you that ^.

That’s how top and bottom filters work.

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Ah yep I see what you mean. Its a bit of a round about user experience but I’ve gotten it working.

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