Pivot table


I have a pivot table & It contains around 100 columns. I wanted to show the data of first 8 columns Individually & sum of remaining data in a single column as a sum.
this is how my dashboard looks like

pls help me with the solution.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Prasad_CM - Welcome to the community! I believe you have put a dimension in the column and because that column has 100 distinct values you are getting that many columns. Is that the right understanding?

In general sense, you would like to create 9 measure columns and then put them under the Values without specifying anything in the columns.

Something like : Count1 = countif(measure, dimension_value = 1)
Count2= countif(measure, dimension_value = 2)

Count 8 = countif(measure, dimension_value = 8)
Count 9 = countif(measure, dimension_value > 8)

Can you please share the field well details? That would really help! Thanks!


Hi @sagmukhe

thanks for your response. please find the field well details below

Hello @Prasad_CM - As I explained in the earlier message, please follow the same approach and you should be able to get what you want. Tried to give a reference snapshot below. Hope this helps!

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Thank You @sagmukhe :handshake: