Add a variable in pivot table 'values' and show this variable only in one column

I made a cohort table in quicksight and I now have one vatriable in ‘values’. I Want to put another variable in ‘Values’ but I only want this variable shows in the first column, not in the other columns, is there a way to do this?



What I have now :
0 1 2 3
date amount amount amount amount
Jan22 100 2000 300 200
Feb22 500 2500 500
Mar22 300 3200
Apr22 2100

What I want :
0 1 2 3
date amount qty amount amount amount
Jan22 100 10 2000 300 200
Feb22 500 200 2500 500
Mar22 300 150 3200
Apr22 2100 300

Hi Valerie - sorry for the long delay. Would you be able to share a screenshot and/or some sample data? Its hard to picture what you are trying to achieve.

In general, if you have a dimension in the Columns, you cannot add a value that only shows up for one of those columns but not the others. However maybe there is another way to do this using a Table instead of a Pivot Table, but need to see what you are working with.

Hi @Valerie. We have not heard back from you regarding your question. We would still like to help. If this is no longer relevant after seven days, we will archive this question.