Plotting street names or using/ embedding other maps on Quicksight

Hello. I have location data that I would like to be plotted.

However, the location data consists of an address (a long string which describes number, street address, city, e.g. ‘No 3, XYZ Street, London’) and the format is not always the same.

I note that QuickSight’s geospatial charts recognizes geographic components such as country, state or region, county or district, city, and ZIP code or postal code only.

Is there a way for me to plot my data into charts? Or could I use other maps in place of the built-in QuickSight feature? Thanks.

Hello @sabmz, if you are wanting to utilize the geospatial data field well in a QuickSight visual, you will need to make sure the data you are querying contains the geospatial datatype. If it doesn’t fit the constraints of the QuickSight visual, it will be unable to determine a location. This is some QuickSight documentation about what the expectations are and how you could format your data to be utilized properly.