Positive % Change (Binary Count) as % of Total

Hi. I’m working on an analysis of clients that had positive growth activity over a specified period of time. The idea was to first setup a binary count: 1 for positive and 0 for negative for each client. Then the function would take the count of positives divided by all values (clients); i.e. count(1)/(all rows).

An “ifelse” statement was used to set a binary value: ifelse({PoP %}>0,1,0)

The challenge is creating a count of each binary value (1 or 0). All visuals need the {Client Name} attribute to display 1 and 0.


Hi @acharchar,
Are you able to share the underlying calculation for PoP %? My guess would be that you need to use level aware calculations inside that calculation. That way you would not need the client name dimension included in the visual. The following two links should help.

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