Programmatic PDF generation

Is there a way to generate PDF reports programmatically?

I know there is a new layout for printed versions of reports. It feels like it should support this through an API.

Our clients must be able to generate PDF reports, in bulk, using different parameter inputs.

Think of a “product sheet”, where we need to supply 100 product IDs, and generate 100 PDFs for each product, separately.


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The PDF report generation via API is one of the features in roadmap as of now. We would be soon coming up with this feature. No ETA as of now. But this is under consideration already. Thanks for helping us Quicksight better.


Hi Tanaya,

Thank you for your insight.

I understand you do not have an exact ETA, but any chance to at least get a ballpark on this? Are we talking about a few weeks, or a couple of months, or a year? I need to communicate this to my clients, because if it is taking too long, we’ll have to look for workarounds, but if it’s relatively soon, they may be ok waiting.


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I’ll tack on to this one. I have a similar need as m0ltar.

Hoping we could have some ballpark for this item. We’re trying to decide if another system can be sunset or not for these reports.

Thank you

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Hi all,

Thanks for your interest and questions.
Unfortunately we cannot share any timelines at this stage, but keep an eye on the what’s new section of the community, which will be updated when new features launch. If you can provide specific details relating to how you would want this feature to behave, please provide details to help us shape it.

Many Thanks,