Publishing the quicksight analysis from Cloud formation

when publishing the quicksight analysis from Cloud formation - i am getting the below error. could you please help on the same.

I observed that layout element as text box id. will that be a proble to have a text box in the analysis definition ?

Also i am currently using Free-form Layout, that is also creating a problem ?

Please help

Resource handler returned message: “Invalid request provided: LayoutElement doesn’t exist. at LayoutElement: aa5057ea-c29a-439e-aa65-704479db8f48 of type: VISUAL, at Sheet 89afefc8-c6c1-4ae7-816f-bc720f6389d6. (Service: QuickSight, Status Code: 400, Request ID: 39e63673-047d-430b-b6d3-fcd012ba7f28)” (RequestToken: a4746b9f-0792-4660-6fab-e3125d1de69d, HandlerErrorCode: InvalidRequest)

Hello @sasikanth !

I have seen other issues come up with Text Box’s causing issues with dashboards.

Could you try doing something similar to this post?:

Let me know if that helps!

I have the same problem but I have created a narrative component to replace text box component and solve it temporarily.


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I tried with @jhonnattan_rivera @duncan , by replacing with Narrative, that also gave similar issue.
Also i am using Freeform Layout, this also generating another error. Only classic theme only allowing.


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