Q-related events in CloudTrail

Are there plans to add events related to QuickSight Q to CloudTrail?

Hi @David_Wong

We have new APIs launched for Q and will be part of CloudTrail.
Are you looking for event tracking for Q UI based actions as well ?

Hi @Ashok,

I’m looking for usage-related events, e.g. events showing who has asked questions in Q (similar to how CloudTrail currently shows who has viewed dashboards).

The new APIs for Q seem to be focused on admin/author actions like creating, deleting, refreshing topics, etc.

Today we are logging all Author activities in CloudTrail from both UI and APIs.
And Questions asked by readers are logged into Quicksight Q console under topics “User Activity” section.

If your use case to use the Q activity log data for readers and build additional monitoring on top of it. we can log it as feature request. Please confirm

We have a multi-tenant application, so for us it is important to see usage for each customer to measure adoption. The “User Activity” tab shows who is asking what questions but there’s no way to export that data to create a usage dashboard in QuickSight and aggregate the data by customer. The “GetDashboard” event allows us to do that for dashboards but there is no equivalent event for Q.

At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have tagged this as a feature request.