Quick way to see what analyses (if any) each data set is being used in

I’m looking at all my data sets and would like to see what analyses (if any) each data set is being used in. I know that I can click on the data set and to to manage>usage but am hoping for a more efficient way to do this. In short, I’d like to see if any data sets are not being utilized at all in an effort to clean things up.

Hi Todd - sounds like you found the way to do it dataset by dataset in the UI. We are going to add an out-of-the-box dashboard to give you better visibility into this, but in the meantime you can follow this blog post which uses the QuickSight API to build a new dataset and dashboard which shows all object lineage/dependencies.

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Do you have a timeline for this out-of-the-box dashboard? Planned for 2022 roadmap?

Unfortunately we cant share specific timelines, but in 2022 is the goal :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jesse. I’ll work on building this out because this is definitely a high priority for us. I appreciate you sharing this info!

@todd.hoffman @MirkoL While that blog post I sent is still totally valid, we have an updated, easier way to deploy a similar dashboard. Please check this post which as a link to the dashboard and instructions on how to deploy it in a few minutes with cloudformation: CloudFormation Templates of the administrative console in Amazon QuickSight