QuickSight Data Refresh History Greater Than 90 Days

QuickSight dataset only allows user to see data refresh history for up to 90 Days. Is there a way to get refresh history data beyond the 90 days ?

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Hi @selam_tekie - Not sure whether the more schedules can be extracted from QuickSight boto3 API. You can give a try . Please see the documentation link below -list_refresh_schedules - Boto3 1.26.151 documentation

Hi @eperts @Max @David_Wong - Any feedback on this.

Regards - Sanjeeb


HI @selam_tekie - Take a look in what QuickSight sends to CloudWatch (documentation can be found here).

There are DataSet specific metrics such as IngestionInvocationCount which would allow you to track the ingestion for a DataSetID over a longer period of time.

Does that help?


This is a good metrics as well. Thanks @eperts

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Thank you @Sanjeeb2022 I will give a try.