Quicksight dataset SPICE Refresh not loading data

i am loading the data into SPICE throghu Redshift data source when i first time adding to SPICE it will complete around 9 hours and after adding in to SPICE we ‘‘Scheduled, Full refresh’’ Daily once in a Day. but hear ‘‘Scheduled, Full refresh’’ failed attached snapshots
Redshift refresh Time zone: US/Central
SPICE refresh Time zone: Asia/Calcutta
Redshift refresh will compleate : 6:10 AM at US/Central time zone
SPICE refresh Strat Time : 12.01 PM Asia/Calcutta time zone
SPICE capacity for this region: 3TB of 5.2TB (occupied only 3TB out 5 TB)
Dataset Size: 741.6 GB
Dataset rows :326172939 (326 Million Data)


Please advise


@bpradeepkumar : The data set is huge, do we really need that many data for reporting, not sure about the use case but storing 700GB data memory is not ideal for any BI solution. You may need to divide and create model at database level for efficient reporting. By saying that if the requirement is store all processed data in memory spice and it is failing, please raise a ticket to AWS to see this issue.

Regards - San

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