Quicksight embedded pricing and premissions

in Quicksight embedded -
In the pricing model according to usage, is it possible to activate permissions in some way or will the view be general and uniform for everyone? If so, how?
I asking it because I need each of my clients to see the dashboard differently, so if it is not possible, I will have to use a per-user pricing model

@Noys ,review the following : Choosing the right type of embedding for your use case

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Actually, it answers my question about which pricing is best for my situation. However, it didn’t answer the question: suppose I choose usage pricing model - is there a way to differentiate between my users and give them different permissions?

Could I consider usage-based pricing, since I must give different permissions to my customers, or is it irrelevant?

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Can you give me an example of what you mean by differentiating between users and their respective permissions ?

of course

Each user should see a different dashboard based on their role in the organization. It’s still unclear to me how to do it, but I know it’s possible. Permit readers to access different content

They will probably all be of the READER type, but I want to make sure it is possible under this program.
Anyway I would like to make shure if under this program there is an option to create Author users also.
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@Noys ,
Yes, using row-level-security (user-based )
Within the Choosing the right type of embedding for your use case , following will help you on security

“Note that, fine-grained row-level security (that allows you to create AND and OR logic in your rules) is now supported for both user-based and tag-based RLS, with tag-based rules supporting anonymous embedding use-cases”

Thank you. but i’m so confused. so in the under line if i want to diffrentable between users of the embedded dashboard, i can use the usage pricing mode? i will pay on AUTHOR user and READER user the same? thank you!

I apologize for being misunderstood

Every user who wants to access the dashboard has to be a named user in QuickSight ( user-based pricing ) .
Author can build dashboards.
Reader can only consume dashboards.

Additional details on pricing : Clarification on Quicksight Session Capacity Pricing for anonymous embedding - #3 by debapc


thank you so much, so as i understand it is possible to have diffrent type of user (author or readers) and pay as the usage modele pricing? (cause the pusage pricing menue doesn’t presen’t deffret prices for author or readers…)

@Noys ,
within the same pricing page have a look at the pricing for authors as well. Authors is a fixed pricing whereas readers is consumption based or you can go with capacity pricing.

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