Quicksight error when chosing url for manifest file

We cannot find or cannot access one or more of the buckets listed in the manifest. Follow the instructions atManaging Amazon QuickSight Permissions to AWS Resources to grant QuickSight permissions to that Amazon S3 bucket.

S3URI for CSV File : s3://ramamazonproject1/Amazon-Bestseller-Dataset.csv
Contents of manifest.json:
“fileLocations”: [
“URIs”: [
“globalUploadSettings”: {
“format”: “CSV”,
“delimiter”: “,”,
“textqualifier”: “"”,
“containsHeader”: “true”

Quicksight URL : https://us-east-1.quicksight.aws.amazon.com/sn/data-sets/new

Hi @RamaKrishnaN - Welcome to “AWS QuickSight Community” and thanks for posting the question. To access the S3 from QuickSight, can you add S3 bucket from QuickSight by the below steps.

Step -1: Go to User ( Right top hand) and select manage QuickSight.
Step -2: Go to Security and Permission
Step -3: Click on Manage
Step -4: Select S3, a pop up window will come and select your S3 bucket and save.

Hope this will fix your issue.

Regards - San

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Did Sanjeebs post help with your issue? I am marking this as solved, but please feel free to let us know if the issue persists so that we can help futher.
Thank you.