Quicksight Filter, Controls and Parameters

My main sheet contains 10 views and all have separate datasets. Is there any way to add one common filter for all 10 views. So if i choose a specific date, the data should get populated in all views. This can be done if dataset is same but not able to figure out for different datasets.

Hi @Amee_Raghuvanshi - This can be achieved if the field name is the same across all relevant data sets.

To achieve this you’ll want to select “All applicable visuals” from the “Applied to” option when creating the filter.


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Hi @todd.hoffman

All my datasets have one common field which is date, but it’s not working as I have 10 different datasets.

Can you share some screenshots of your filter settings? With date as your common field using “all applicable visuals” should apply that filter to any graph on your analysis regardless of dataset.

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Hi @Amee_Raghuvanshi!
Were you able to add the common filter? If not, could you please provide some screenshots of the filter settings so we can better understand the issue?

Hi @Amee_Raghuvanshi
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