QuickSight Filters

Can I group filters?
For example, account id, account type and account name under Accounts.
Is it possible that after a dashboard was filtered, the other filters value will be aligned with the filter?
For example, I have a filter on a region and on stores id. What I mean is that after I select a region, east-1 for example, only the corresponding stores id will be available for the filter of stores.


Hello @tzachi,

I think this cascading filters will be a good fit for you. You can find how to set up and use the “Show relevant values only” in this community post.

Hope this helps!

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Thx @andres007! Cascading filters really solved the issue.
BTW, it would be awesome if there would be a button to select all relevant fields - an idea for a feature…
Any idea if grouping filter is optional on QuickSight?

@tzachi - Happy to hear cascading filters solved your issue. I’ll mark you button to select all relevant fields as a feature request.

@Kellie_Burton Great, Thx!
Another feature - Grouping Filters.
It would be great if multiple filters could be under a “parent” filter.
What I mean is that I would click on a button, and then all the filters connected to it would pop up (like in a pivot table). It can be more easy visual wise when we have a lot of filters and we losing track.

@tzachi - noted the additional feature request. Thanks!

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