QuickSight Pivot table sort doesn't work on all columns

QuickSight pivot table sort is working only on column with smallest group (low-cardinality column in data set). When trying to sort on other columns, the visual just refreshes but doesn’t sort. Is there a work around or any plans to add this feature in future releases?

As noted, pivot table sort will maintain the grouping of common column values and so the sort will only happen within the last (smallest) group. If you want the sorting to be global, then use a Table visual instead.

@darcoli Thanks for your response, I understand Table visual allows global sorting, but for my use case I need the pivot functionality and sort the data on desired columns

Hello @Veera_Venkata_Harish ,

I will note this in our internal feature request tracker. As you might know at AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service.

I will send you a DM to get information about your account and company details.

I will be marking this question as solved for now. Thanks.