Refresh more frequently than 1 hour

I need to refresh a Spice dataset more frequently than once an hour. Any options?

Hi @todd.hoffman

Currently if you are doing a FULL refresh you are restricted to 1hr Increments.

In order to achieve 15 or 30 minute refresh we can enable INCREMENTAL refresh of the dataset.

In order to provide the best answer curious about the ultimate goal and some other details. What is the data source, how often you are hoping to refresh your data, how much data is there and how much does the data change during the window? On the mid to long term there are also some roadmap items that could potential help in your use case.

Ramon Lopez

Hi @todd.hoffman

Alongside what @Ramon_Lopez mentioned above re incremental refresh, we have a soft limit of 32 calls per 24 hours for the CreateIngestion API. This allows you to have slightly over one full refresh per hour. If you would like to have more frequent refreshes please raise a support ticket outlining your use case and data set requirements.

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