Regarding Quicksight Q Parameterisation

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to know if there is a capability in Quicksight Q to filter data in the topic as per a certain parameter.
Use Case- I have a website in which I have multiple products that are listed. Each product has an individual page of its own. When I go into a specific page for a product, I would want Quicksight Q to answer questions pertaining to that product only, thereby filtering data as per a parameter.

Example- If I ask the question “Show me total sales in last 1 week”, then Quicksight Q automatically filters data pertaining to the product for whom the website is open right now

Many Thanks!

@Sahil , can you confirm if you have topic defined for each product or you are using a single topic for all products. In case of latter you can define a default filter for each topic. As an alternate you can explore UpdateTopic - Amazon QuickSight api that has filter sections which can be updated.

Hi @DeepakS,

We will be defining one topic for all products. When we go to the page of a specific product, we would want data to be filtered for that product itself.

I have gone through the documentation you have attached, but it seems unclear where the filtering needs to be added. Could you please elaborate and give specific references to the same?

Many Thanks !

@Sahil ,

Test it out in the topic itself

@Sahil Were you able to achieve the filtering functionality? I’m also trying to do the similar functionality but there is not much option in Q UI screen.