Rename legend after styling series?

Hi, I really like the option to style a line chart series. Sometimes I also need to modify the data series name for the purposes of the chart.

Feature request: Please let us either rename a field without resetting the formatting or provide an option to override the legend names in the line series visual (probably preferred) so I can clearly communicate w/customers w/minimal rework on the visuals.

In this case I had multiple fields feeding into one time series. Nothing in the color or small multiplier fields.

Hello @SYork !

I will mark this as a feature request!

As a work around for the time being, you could format the visual to hide the legend, and then using FreeForm layout and a text box create a new legend with consistent coloring. This way, using a custom theme, you could match the Colors on your line Chart to the color of your Data and be able to rename it how you want.

Example below: