Replace Dashboard limitations

Is it only possible to replace a dashboard from the original analysis ?
I duplicated an analysys to try some changes and then wanted to update the published versio, but the “replace” option is not available?
It seems very weird in term of development lifecycle. It would not be possible to manage different versions easily (fork, roll back…)


when we create a dashboard, replace option is not available.

Please try to save a dashboard first and second replace option will be available.

Hi, I already did. My scenario is like this

  1. I publish my Analysis A as “Sales dashboard”
  2. I want to try 2 different ways of showing the same data, so I create Analysis B as a duplicate of Analysis A and do some different charts on both (based on same dataset)
  3. My business team likes the Analysis B better, so I want to replace “Sales dashboard” by publishing Analysis B ==> I can’t manage to do this

It seems like a basic BI development scenario, but I can’t make it work in Quicksight


you can do this with the Quicksight API.

CLI: quicksight — AWS CLI 1.22.92 Command Reference
boto3: QuickSight — Boto3 Docs 1.21.37 documentation

You have to create a template with analysis B and then update analysis A using the created template.

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