Report of access of my dashboards

Hey guys!

I have a few dashboards in QUickSight, but I don’t know if they are all still viewable or they have some access.

In QuickSight, has it some report, what I can know like:
How many access some dashboard has?
or How many user have accessed some dashboard?


Hi Cristian,

Currently, you can view the users/groups who has access to dashboard is from Quicksight console, under share dashboard page. Recently we have launched CloudWatch integration with Quicksight, which include metrics on dashboard views. More information on this feature and steps to implement this is available on link below

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The link Ashok shared will get you dashboard views. If you are looking for more like permissions, lineage, etc, you can deploy this admin console template: CloudFormation Templates of the administrative console in Amazon QuickSight

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Thanks Ashok!
You save me…