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I have a calculated field “A” to group campaigns, and calculated field “B” uses “A” to define additional campaign segments. However, when I use calculated field B as a filter in my report, I keep getting the “Request took too long. Try again later” message. My data source is already the SPICE version. Is the only solution to use a single query? But I need both calculated field to build the view for the report. Any thoughts?

Hi @Jason_Wang - Welcome to AWS QuickSight Community and thanks for posting the question. Can you please give more details on the calculated field like build logic? Before applying any filter, can you see sample data with calculated field in table format to ensure there is NO issue with the calculated field. Also provide some volumetric details on the data sets as well.

Tagging @David_Wong @eperts for expert advise on this as well.

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Hi @Jason_Wang - I’d be interested to see the code for the calculated fields.

Hi @Jason_Wang ,
Please let us know if you are able to share further information on your fields and filters that you are using so that we can help you further.

thank you.

I figured it out. Thank you!

That’s great. I’ll close out this topic then and mark your post as a solution. If you like you, can post what your findings were as that might help others with similar issues.
Thank you.