Reset filter control based on new selection in cascading filters

Scenario: I have 2 filter controls A and B, and B is configured to only show relevant values based on A.

When I change my selection in A, the current selection in B is not relevant anymore and I have to reset it manually. It would be nice if B could get reset automatically.

To set up cascading filters, you need a trigger point where the filter is activated, and target points where the filter is applied. In Amazon QuickSight, the trigger and target points are included in visuals. To create a cascading filter, you set up an action, not a filter. This approach is because you need to define how the cascading filter is activated, which fields are involved, and which visuals are filtered when someone activates it. For more information, including step-by-step instructions, see Using custom actions for filtering and navigating.


I have the same same issue as @David_Wong.

If I understand the response from @Kellie_Burton right, Kellie you are talking about cascading filters in visuals (i.e. the actions) but David is talking about an issue with cascading controls (i.e. show relevant values) and both are different.

I am curious if there is any way to fix the issue with cascading controls.