Resetting Control Values Based on Parameter

Hi Quicksight Community!
I am looking to have two controls on a dashboard, both linked to a parameter.
These values are a unique ID and a name. What I would like to happen, is that when a Name/ID is selected, the other filter automatically adjusts to reflect the possible values that Name/ID can have.
This is fine the first time, where no parameter value has been set for either value.
The problem arises when I want to change the value of either parameter.
When I select a new value in the control, I would like to have the other control update (unselect the old value) and return to a ‘Select All’ state.
Either this behaviour (returning to Select All) or automatically setting the other parameter to the relevant value would be a good solution.
I was just wondering if this is possible in quicksight?
(I already have relevant values set up on the filters, but the old value (which is not a relevant one once the parameter changes) remains selected until the filter value is manually changed)

thanks for your help,

Hello @purpledonkey17 !

After looking through past questions and testing this myself, I do not believe this is possible in Quicksight. I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.