Running percent of total in pivot table

Is there a way to show Running % of total in pivot table analysis like in Excel?
Can someone help.

Excel -
January |65.79%|86.74%|96.36%
February |92.58%|97.68%|98.22%
March |71.09%|75.65%|84.26%

Quicksight -
January |65.79%|20.96%|9.62%|
February |92.58%|5.10%|0.54%|
March |71.09%|75.65%|84.26%|

This feature is supported on QuickSight Pivot table. Please refer the below documentation to use the Running Total function.

Pivot table function does not have ‘Running percent of total’. Result showed in example is after applying ‘percent of total’ function from QuickSight.

I need same function like ‘running total’ but in percentage which is not listed.
R1C1 R1C2
Count1% Count1%+Count 2% And so on

Is there any other way it can be done, percent value is based on count aggregate.

Hi, we don’t provide running percentage as a direct on-visual table calculation, but you can create calculated fied for that purpose, something like runningsum()/sumover() depending on the dimension and value how you want to conduct the calculation.