Set up different access each tab

Hi QS Team,

I am building a dashboard with different tabs. Each tab has different user groups.
Tab A: RLS will need to be applied base on the reporting tree so that sales managers can only view their own data.
Tab B: Users will be limited to teams who have global data access to review the complete view. So no RLS is needed.

I want to set up different access per tab. EX: Tab A targeted users (Sales managers) won’t see the Tab B or only see ‘no access’ or ‘no data’. Tab B users should be able to view both tab A and Tab B.

I tried to use RLS, but it will be very confusing for sales managers (Tab A users) to see some wrong data on Tab B as the data is limited.

Do we have some access set up feature to solve it?


Hi @Cindy ,
you could publish the dashboard in two different ways regarding the tab used by group A or B.
Sales managers get only Tab A and the other get A and B.

Thanks for your reply. But we want to manage one dashboard to reduce confusion. I think my question would be, does quicksight have sheet level access?

By “manage one dashboard” you mean the permissions or in case changes happen?
In case of changes you have to manage one analysis anyway.

You will make changes in the analysis and publish the sheets in differen dashboard.

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Hi @Cindy
Did you found an solution?

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no, We want to pubish only one dashboard but set up different access per tab. Do we have this sheet level security feature?

No we don’t.
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