Setting a theme for all dashboards

We’ve got a number of dashboards and have been asked to set the theme to a specific one for all dashboards. Can this be done through the API on the command line? If so, how?


For new analyses/dashboards, you could follow these steps here to set the default theme via api Setting a default theme for Amazon QuickSight analyses - Amazon QuickSight

However, this will not update existing analyses/dashboards. There is no easy way to update the theme of existing dashboards especially if these were created using the web interface (and not using the api via a template). This is because the source-template argument of update-dashboard cli command can only operate on templates (see update-dashboard — AWS CLI 1.22.56 Command Reference )
So, you would end up having to create a template via api and then creating/updating the dashboard and also setting the theme-arn accordingly.