Setup Email Report via API

Hi, is it possible to initiate an email report via the API, or is it only available directly from the dashboard interface?

Hi, it is currently only possible to initiate an email report via the Dashboard interface. We are aware of this feature request, and have this on the Product Roadmap.

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Thank you! Is there a way for us users to have visibility into the roadmap? Would be great to see what is coming before release so we can plan to incorporate for our users.

Hi Daniel. We can’t release our roadmap. You can keep an eye on recent releases here though: Announcements - Amazon QuickSight

I second this requirement. Ideally, the admin should be able to set which reports users shall receive by email.

Another vote for this one. The subscription options are somewhat lacking for some of our needs where we need irregular or multiple-sends per day of either a whole dashboard or single visual from a dashboard