Share dashboard with another QS author - how to grant permissions to change custom SQL?

Dear QS experts,

I want my colleague kanglee to be able to do any adjustments on the quicksight dashboards I have built, including changing the underlying analysis and the custom sql datasource.

I think I gave him all permissions, but he is only able to adjust the analysis, he is not able to edit the custom SQL.

Error message: You can’t execute the custom SQL query because you don’t have sufficient permissions to connect to the underlying data source – but that is in fact not true, he has the permissions and would be able to connect to the same datasource table when setting up a new Custom SQL dataset.

This is what I have done:

  • I have shared the dashboard and set kanglee as Co-owner; I allowed “save as”
  • I have shared the analysis with kanglee, and see him displayed as COOWNER
  • I went into the dataset and gave him permissions as Owner:

What else can I do, am I missing something?

Thanks for any advice,


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You will also need to share the dataset as well as the analysis…I would recomend you store a copy if you ever need to roll back. Hope thay helps.

Thank you, that sounds reasonable. My problem is that I did exactly do that, but still it does not work.


We are having the same issue where there seems to be no grantable permissions to allow a Custom SQL query to be edited by an assigned “owner.”

In this case I’ve been granted “owner” permissions, and seem to be able to do anything besides edit a Custom SQL query

Andrea, did you find a solution to this problem?


In addition, the datasource permissions are required for the same user if they are to edit the custom sql.

To view datasources created

  1. Datasets > New dataset

Example :

Datasource is : Athena-Default-Database
Screenshot (Left Side) > The user (saa-rls-reader) has access .
Screenshot (Right Side) > The user is now able to edit the custom SQL.

If datasource permissions are not given , below is what you will see


Thank you so much, with that approach it did finally work.
Best, Andrea

Hi Tyler, I had not a solution so far but the approach from Koushik_Muthanna listed above did work.