Share dashboard with another QS author - how to grant permissions to change custom SQL?

Dear QS experts,

I want my colleague kanglee to be able to do any adjustments on the quicksight dashboards I have built, including changing the underlying analysis and the custom sql datasource.

I think I gave him all permissions, but he is only able to adjust the analysis, he is not able to edit the custom SQL.

Error message: You can’t execute the custom SQL query because you don’t have sufficient permissions to connect to the underlying data source – but that is in fact not true, he has the permissions and would be able to connect to the same datasource table when setting up a new Custom SQL dataset.

This is what I have done:

  • I have shared the dashboard and set kanglee as Co-owner; I allowed “save as”
  • I have shared the analysis with kanglee, and see him displayed as COOWNER
  • I went into the dataset and gave him permissions as Owner:

What else can I do, am I missing something?

Thanks for any advice,


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You will also need to share the dataset as well as the analysis…I would recomend you store a copy if you ever need to roll back. Hope thay helps.

Thank you, that sounds reasonable. My problem is that I did exactly do that, but still it does not work.


We are having the same issue where there seems to be no grantable permissions to allow a Custom SQL query to be edited by an assigned “owner.”

In this case I’ve been granted “owner” permissions, and seem to be able to do anything besides edit a Custom SQL query

Andrea, did you find a solution to this problem?


In addition, the datasource permissions are required for the same user if they are to edit the custom sql.

To view datasources created

  1. Datasets > New dataset

Example :

Datasource is : Athena-Default-Database
Screenshot (Left Side) > The user (saa-rls-reader) has access .
Screenshot (Right Side) > The user is now able to edit the custom SQL.

If datasource permissions are not given , below is what you will see



Thank you so much, with that approach it did finally work.
Best, Andrea

Hi Tyler, I had not a solution so far but the approach from Koushik_Muthanna listed above did work.

@Koushik_Muthanna, is there a way to update permissions if the original user that owned the datasource has left my company?


You could look into updating the datasource permissions to an existing ADMIN/AUTHOR through CLI : ( update-data-source-permissions — AWS CLI 2.8.2 Command Reference ) .


Thank you, sir! That ended up working.

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Thanks for letting us know @khox! Great work, @Koushik_Muthanna! :+1: :slight_smile:

Thanks @Koushik_Muthanna this worked for me as well. I am a bit new to this so took sometime to understand datasource context here.

I followed this :
Go to Datasets → New Dataset → click on the datasource that was used to create the dataset (If someone else created the dataset, the datasource would be visible to them and in the case they would need to follow the steps) from the “FROM EXISTING DATA SOURCES” → Click on “Share data source” → add the relevant permissions through “Invite users”. Done!

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Hi all.
I have the issue currently with a custom SQL Spice, that even though I provided access to the datasets and datasources, if that custom query with inner join, has been created by some one else, it throws error of insufficient access to edit the query, but if I copy and paste it into a new custom query it works fine.

My problem is the original query has been baked into multiple dashboards and it is not an easy task to replace the existing dashboard to be connected to the new custom query.

ps: the query has 2 inner joins to 2 other Athena tables, which already has the owner permission.