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Share report with people outside the development.

I wanted to know which are the different options to share a dashboard and which is the most suitable. I could share the report with the email of the interested parties and it would be enough? What other options are there?

Hi @Raulsc , Sharing the dashboard with other people from outside developement is not possible in QuickSight. But you can share a dashboard as pdf to other people by exporting as PDF & Print format.
Step -1
Sharing the dashboard with internal is possible so you can share your dashboard by simply going to the share button available on the upper side of the dashboard.


Step -2
Once you click on the share dashboard option then you can get a dialog box where you see a search box filter like Invite users and groups to dashboard in that search box filter you need to put the email of the respective people and click the ADD button to add the person whom you need to give the access.
Once you give the access you need to share the link by selecting the copy link button available on the dialog box.

Step -3
Other than that if you want to give the access for all the user on QuickSight account. Then in the share dialog dialog box we have a Enable access for button available so we need to just enabling that button to give the access for all the user of QuickSight account for your organizations.

These are the some steps we need to follow for sharing the dashboard.

If you need more details then you can go through the below link.


Yes @Biswajit_1993 , I will share it this way. But I would like to have a double authentication, how can I do that?

Ok Thanks @Raulsc what is double authentication can you bit elaborate it more

@Biswajit_1993 if you login with email and password. and also with token for example, I don’t know how to manage that.

Hi @sagmukhe can you help in this topic I am also not aware much regarding this

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You can ask your AWS admin to set up multi-factor authentication for the users. When they log in, they will have to enter an MFA code.


@David_Wong Do you know how could to set up multi-factor authentication for the users?

You can set up MFA by the following way.

MFA is a very good practice to have 2 steps authentication in any platform.

Regards - Sanj


Hi @Sanjeeb2022 , I can’t get the Mfa for users in quicksight? What are the requirements? To be an aws user? which option do you need to activate?

Hi @Raulsc - If you want to integrate with AD groups, the user needs to be created in AD. if you have any apps available, you can also embedded your dashboard . Please explore embedded dashboard option. See the below material -link

Regards - Sanjeeb