Sharing dataset error

I am trying to share a dataset with an Admin of the QS account. I shared all of the dataset but one that is giving me an error…

The dataset is a Redshift view, with row security level as all the other ones…but for this is giving me:

Unable to map resultant actions to a dataset owner or viewer. (Service: AmazonQuickSight; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterValueException

The dataset is used in analysis and dashboards (as all the other ones)

I am not using the API, I am using the GUI

any suggestion?

Thank you

Hello @remba87 !

I would double check that you followed the steps outlined in the post below in regards to RLS between Redshift and QS:

Hello, sorry for the late answer…it actually fixed by itself…I did not do anything, I tried days later and worked o.O

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Hello @remba87 !

I’m glad that it worked out, you have to love it when things fix themselves!

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