Single custom SQL from 2 data sources/connections

Is it possible to create a single custom SQL query from different data sources/connections?
Couldn’t find any information about it.
I need to create a single custom SQL query to succeeding refresh the dataset incrementally.


Hi @miap
you mean e.g. table1@redshift and table2@snowflake?

Hi @miap - I do not think you can create a custom SQL which will point 2 different data sources in QuickSight. However you can import data sets from 2 different data sources and do a join and create your customize data set.

Regards - Sanjeeb

@miap is trying to refresh a dataset incrementally, and this option is not available when the data sets are joined.

I can only think of doing this intermediatly in either of the data sources.

I see this has been marked as feature request in the past, I will mark this one as well.