Sorting based on parameter

I have created parameter for sorting with ascending and descending . If I click ascending in the chart should be in ascending order based on the measure value. Same for descending order. Is there any way ? @Alejo_Gordon_Batista @nshah-quicksight

Hi Mirnalini, please refer to this video on how to realize custom sorting:

NO i do have parameter with drop down actions ascending and descending , If I click ascending , the y-axis “abundance” should be sorted ascending order and same wise for descending . How to bring this in calculated field , sorting the values in y-axis(abundance)

Hi Mirnalini, sorting parameter values with controls are not possible in Quicksight now. Please refer to this thread: Can we sort the dropdown values of a string parameter control that is inked to a dataset field?

You can add these taxonomy levels to the dataset as a “Taxonomy” column. Add an Taxonomy parameter in Quicksight and create a control, link this parameter to Taxonomy column. Then you’ll be able to select multiple values of the taxonomy level to control your visual.

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Koushik have said we might get sorting parameter option by end of 2022 . Is Quicksight team enabled the option ?

@Sophia I have attached my query here

Hi Mirnalini, I’ve checked internally this feature is not available yet. I’ll try to see if can create a workaround. Please give me some time.

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Hi Mirnalini, please try the method given in this thread to create your sorting.

i.e. create a calculated field ifelse({taxonomy level} = ‘Phylum’, 1, {taxonomy level} = ‘Class’, 2 …), then use Quicksight sort options to make it ascending or descending.

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