Sorting X-axis in a chart


I have a dimension with the following values: A1,A2,A3…A12,B1,B2,B3…B12,C1,C2,C3…C12 etc…
This cannot be changed as it has a business meaning.

I need to use this values in a x-axis of a box plot chart, and it needs to be sorted as above. However it appears as: A1,A10,A11,A12,A2,A3…A9,B1,B10,B11…

How can I overcome this?


You need to create a sequence in you dataset or calculated field in number.
After creating this field you will be sort on this field.

This is they way in Quicksight I used to sort the graphs.


Naveed Ali

Hi @Naveed,

I was thinking about it, however I did not see an option to sort the x-axis on a different value than the one used for it.
I mean that I need the x-axis values to show the business ones while sorting in the background based on a custom field - can it be done?


Yes I used it for feb-2023,mar-2023 or week1, week2 etc. in graphs