Spice with Less Athena scan

I have a SQL in SPICE,
1.First time, I run it for 1 month data - Athena scanned is 10 GB
2.Now, I wanna change the query with last 2 days alone and want to do run only for 2 days using incremental refresh - So Athana scan will be less

I should ideally have 30 days data + 2 day incremental data scheduled daily in the SPICE.

Is this something possible in Quick-sight Spice?

Hello @Vasanth - Can you please take a look at the below demo from QuickSight. I believe the only way out would be to do a full refresh on a monthly schedule (in addition to your incremental refresh schedule) to ensure that you only have the data that you are looking for and nothing additional. Hope this helps!

Hello @Vasanth

Hope the video shared by Sagmukhe was helpful and you were able to do incremental SPICE refresh .
I am marking the reply as “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved.
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